Govt Denies Receiving Money to Promote Gay Activities

Dr Mary Shaba

The Malawi Government has swiftly denied media reports that it pocketed huge funds from Western country for the promotion of gay activities.

On Friday, a local news paper accused government of double standards saying it received about Mk11 billion to be promoting gay activities when it is demonizing some Civil Society Organisation (CSOs) for doing the same.

But speaking at a press conference in Lilongwe today, Principal Secretary for Health Responsible for HIV and AIDS, Dr. Mary Shaba said the money in question was directed to several organizations including the centre for the Development of People (Cedep), Centre for Human Right and Rehabilitation (CHRR), Family Life and the University of Malawi’s College of Medicine.

“There has been no money coming direct to government to support gay activities. The said money went directly to several organizations that carried out researches on gays in relationship to HIV and AIDS,” she said.

About two weeks ago, Health rights lawyer Chrispine Sibande said Malawi should design special HIV and AIDS mitigating programmes targeting the homosexuals as their prevalence rate is hovering around 21 percent.

21 percent is over double the national HIV prevalence rate which is currently at 10 percent.

Sibande said the percentage is alarming saying policy makers are left with no choice but to incorporate this minority section of the society if the battle against the pandemic is to be won.

“We should not rule out HIV services to the gay community on the basis of what the law says about them. If we had special programs focusing on gays we can reduce that,” he said.

Currently, Malawi laws criminalise homosexuality. It is also a widely held belief among Malawians that homosexuality works against the country’s cultural beliefs while the religious community argues that the practice is against God’s definition of a marriage.

3 Responses to "Govt Denies Receiving Money to Promote Gay Activities"

  1. Tonde  February 26, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    therez no more research about gay and hiv aids. The only researches we need are to discover whether HIV was engineered in laboratory and sanction the country involved. A research to find cure for hiv. whether indeed hiv is a western i cash cow for the west. aids is 32yrs old. Americans found the hide out for gaddafi and saddam. But not cure 4 hiv. Pathetic. I pray that the cure b found in africa

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  3. Lloyd  February 26, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    It seems heartening that Malawi is slowly coming out of it’s homophobic stance. Compare it to the arrogance of Uganda’s Musevini and it seems positive that they are finally ready to acknowledge the existence of gay people and also to help them with programs for those with HIV and AIDS. Hopefully one day this minority group will be understood as just being a part of this thing we call life and not persecuted for being who they are.


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