Mzuzu Police In Running Battles With Kabaza Boys

On Wednesday, there were running battles between Mzuzu police and boys who play their trade through bicycles in the city otherwise known as kabaza boys in the local language.

Since Last week, police officers in Mzuzu have been allocating kabaza boys and vendors from the streets. Mzuzu is the only city in Malawi with many bicycles on streets that usually disturb motorists.

The exercise reached a peak yesterday, as one police officer got manhandled by the angry Kabaza boys.

According to an eye witness, the police came back with a lot of police trainees in two Lorries and start beating up the Kabaza boys who usually uses St John of God College of health Sciences.

The police trainees were very rough and used a lot of force to overpower the helpless kabaza boys. All bicycles were confiscated by the police and loaded them in the Lorries.

The trainees left the places singing and shouting on top of their voices.

In reaction, the Kabaza boys blocked the main road using a huge plunk woods and burnt them. Motorists were disturbed for some minutes before the police came back to calm the situation.

The Kabaza boys then converged at one place and singing antipolice songs as armed police were still patrolling the city.

According to one eye witness the police has confiscated close to 20 bicycles. It is known what will be the next move of the bicycle Kabaza boys who have converged at one place strategizing

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  1. Gongoli  August 3, 2012 at 9:23 am

    Mavutowa atithera kodi? One problem after another. Mulungu tichotsereni chiphinjochi ndi ziwanda zonse.


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