The Parables Take ‘Unanswered Questions’ to Lilongwe

The Parables: In The Line of Duty

The Parables: In The Line of Duty

The leading Christian theatrical group, The Parables is not leaving any stone unturned in the expansion of their work in Malawi. This coming Monday, March4, 2013, the group will re-launch Unanswered Questions in Lilongwe at Crossroads Hotel from 2.30pm in what has been dubbed The VIP Theater Afternoon.

The Parables is an interdenominational Christian theatrical group which believes in the preaching of the gospel using art. “Jesus preached using day to life stories baked in very creative stories that would later directly apply in the lives of his audience. What more inspiration do we need to use art for evangelism?” Bayana Chunga said the Director of the group.

The group consists among others several members who are graduates from Chancellor College’s performing arts programme. “We do drama in most of our Churches during Easter and Christmas. We all grow up taking some part of part in those dramas but after a certain edge it seems like the Church just abandons drama”, commented Chunga. “This is the time to redeem this unique means of gospel proclamation for God”, he said.

Unanswered Questions is a story that touches some of the raw struggles of the 21st Century Christian Malawi. Caught between doubting and trusting God, a young family wrestles with the idea of how a loving God would let suffering affect God’s children. Mr and Mrs. Chigwada played by Jeremiah Chienda and Wongani Vinkhumbo take the audience into a roller coaster experience that dissects fundamental theological doctrines on the subject of human suffering.

The play which is very scripture-based attracted a lot of tears and laughter during its premier at Robin’s park in December last year. This is however the first time that The Parables will perform in Lilongwe since the group’s launch end of 2011 in Blantyre.

“It is becoming more expensive to put a quality production and tour with it. That is why we decided to start with an exclusive VIP performance which may as well subsidize other regular shows in the year”, explained Chunga the group’s director on their reasons to have a K5000 per ticket show in Lilongwe.

The show will also be curtain raised by the guitar wizard Faith Mussa and LAWI of the “Amati andikawe Lucifer walephera”. The two will warm the audience with their live music artistry before giving way to Unanswered Questions at exactly 3pm.

Faith Mussa recently released his album called Desperate and he is expected to perform a few tracts from that album. “This is our deliberate move to incorporate music in our work. We believe that music and drama make a useful combination in effective gospel communication” said Lusayo Mhango the group’s logistical director who has also successfully hosted Le Crae, Flame and Da T.R.U.T.H. in Malawi.

The full cast line up for Unanswered Questions is as follows; Mr. Chigwada (Jeremiah Chienda), Mrs. Chigwada (Wongani Vinkhumbo), Mabvuto (Penjani Munthali), Chifuniro (Chimwemwe Mhango), Mr. Dashibodi (Clement Nkhoma), Ngozo (Daniel Nyasulu), Gama (Matthias Magombo) and Pastor played by Bayana Chunga.

The play was co directed by Steve Nzizwa Mauluka, a legendary award winning MBC Theater of the air playwright and Bayana Chunga. The play is backed by live sound effects and music done by Matthias Magombo and Faith Mussa.

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