Of Political Liars And Crooks :Transformed Joyce Banda


Joyce BandaSome few months ago, we had a Joice Banda who was a humble woman, timid and who always professed her fear of God. When ever  there was a problem, she would say she would need to consult and I believe the Joice Banda that we had that time read the bible more especially from Mathews 6 v 1-5

“Be careful not to do your righteous acts before men to be seen by them. If you do, you will have your reward  from your father in heaven. So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets to be honored by men. I tell you the truth,they have received their reward in full. But when you give to the needy, do not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing so that it may be in secret. Then your father in heaven will reward you.”

Perhaps Jesus had Joice Banda in mind when he said these words because what we hear at any of her public meetings is her proclamations of how she helps the needy.

The name Joice Banda foundation should suffice to convince us that she is the benefactor and it will now be good for once that the beneficiary should now start making these proclamations about being helped. Jesus never bragged about his healing, but the message went far and wide by those he healed because they could not hide their gratitude.

THE RIOTING KIDS             

Primary School Pupils Marching Against Joyce Banda

Primary School Pupils Marching Against Joyce Banda

The political handlers of Joice Banda have handed her a list of people who are claimed to have master minded the kids to go to the streets to demand their right to education that had been withheld from them because their teachers were not happy with their salaries.

I would have thought people like Maxwell Matewere should have led these kids to demand for their rights as he claims to have an organization called EYE OF THE CHILD which bothers about childrens’ rights but sadly he came on TV and radio condemning what he believed were irresponsible people who  were using the kids to meet their selfish needs. Maxwell should know that he has always taken the kids to the streets to demand an end to child abuse and it is against this background that the children rose up to demand for their rights from duty bearers.

The kids came, they conquered and the results were remarkable and the next day they were all back in class with happy teachers who had received an increament. These kids managed to fast track the whole process of salary negotiations which would have been long ,slow and doggy.

before the situation turned nasty because kids act like robots. Some of us who have read history, know too well what kids can do to change things.

The good people who have given Madame Joice Bnada the list of masterminders should not waste her time. She has a lot of things to worry about than to agonise of this water under the bridge. I don’t think there is any reasonable court that will waste time with such a case and even Esmy Tembenu at the juvenile court would dismiss this case upon mention.

Joice Banda would do herself good to quiz the one who brought her the list of masterminders because if the list was not politically doctored, it was supposed to be taken to the police not the president. These are just other political games. We know police stations are accessible to all and it is very difficult to get an appointment with the president and yet these good people found it easy to deliver the list to the president than to the nearest police station because they had some political enemies to implicate.

As I am writing this, the Chasowa case come to mind when people like Hamphly Mvula tried to implicate Peter Muntharika but they failed to put together the thread that would connect Peter to this sad death of a political polytechnic student.

This case of the list is similar to a village scenario where adults who have perceived enimosity with others will use children to make malicious claims of witchcraft on people they hate. Come on guys!

Our kids are in the ICT age and human right era and they are told all these in their schools. They watch these on TVs. The case is simple, a child goes to school to learn and a teacher refuses to teach because the teacher is not being paid enough for his service. The students asks the teacher about who pays them and they tell them its government. These kids always listen to radios and government and they always hear ministers saying the government of Dr. Joice Banda and using their life skills  and human rights knowledge they mobilize themselves through peer pressure  and head to Sanjika or Kamuzu Palace to demand their rights from duty bearers.

If fact, people like Maxwell Matewere or Joice Banda should have been happy with the conduct of the kids to demand for their rights as enshrined in the constitution. You also need to appreciate that these kids listen to the political conversation in their families and they share information and I find it normal for such human rights indoctrinated kids to do what they did.  Otherwise people like Maxwell Matewre and Joice Banda instead of looking for scapegoats as masterminders, should just ask the kids to be responsible when demanding their rights and that the kids should seek parental guidance inorder to undertake such noble duties. We fought for democracy and we need to live by it and these are some of the things that come with a maturing democracy.


JB IN South KoreaJoyce Banda has come back home  amidst rumours that she had resigned if the contents of the letter that was delivered to the speaker is anything to go by. I feel the author of that fake letter must have been out of this world to imagine that an African president can resign or get sick. African politicians do not resign nor do they get sick and Joice Banda is no exception. We should all remember that in April, 2012, some people attempted to refuse that Bingu had died and prior to that they had been refusing that he was sick. Bingu did not die in a car accident, but died from a prolonged sickness that he had been refusing to have had. One can not be arrested with cardiac without any background to cardiac problems.

Joice Banda has offered MK2m to anybody leading to the author of this fake resignation letter. My God. Can you give this money to Malawi Voice for onward transmission to MYFRIEND because I know the author and I will volunteer the information in this article. She already told us that the letter is fake and that it was not authored by her and that she neither resigned nor is she sick or incapacitated. So the one who authored is called fake and that is sufficient information to put this matter to rest and give the MK2m to MYFRIEND.

Our police have just a lot of work to protect our life and property other than waste time on something that we know is fake. Leave these political games to politicians ,that is how they make politics dirty.The PP is like a vehicle that is assembled with parts from Toyota, Benz, Mazda and you don’t expect it to function properly.There are people in PP who are political mercenaries and it is about time when Joice Banda will discover that her enemies are within not without the PP. The command centre for all these mercenary political activities is within the PP and as we approach 2014 they will intensify their mercenary activities and it will be too late to launch a counter attack. Political guarilas are deficult to defeat because you do know the difference between  an enemy and friend .


admarcAn international organization made an assessment of the maize situation and told us that we have enough maize in our silos and not too long ago the minister of Agriculture told us that we have enough maize to take us to the next  harvest in April, 2013 . At a press conference our president told us that she saw bicycles laden with two or three bags of maize bought from ADMARC as she was going to distribute relief maize to flood victims in Zomba. She even lamented that if it was before she would have stopped to act. We are not sure whether that action would be to join the bicycle people and buy her own maize or do what was done when she was ADMARC chairman during the JUMBE MAIZEGATE scandal. Sadly she did not elaborate and she has left us guessing.

But if you at all these statement, they lack consistence and display some underlying crookedness. When the international organization says there is enough maize and our leadership says no, to me this is a way of hoodwinking the WFP to think of buying maize for the hungry. You will be surprised that the maize will be bought locally and I believe there are people who are hoarding maize waiting for this opportunity and they are using the president to paint this hunger picture so that WFP is blackmailed to buy their maize. I can not overrule that those people who were still exporting maize through Karonga are keeping it in their warehouses across the borders waiting for this chance to make dollars from WFP.

Come on guy, Joice Banda is distributing maize not stones and the maize is from Malawi not imported and she saw bicycle laden with maize bought from ADMARC.

My conclusion is that we have enough maize and government should just make sure to move the maize to all ADMARC depots in large quantities other than trying to create fake scarcity for the benefit of these greedy capitalists. This is the time we need patriotic people like Mulli who would at these times flood  the market with cheap maize inorder to stabalise the prices. Though Joice Banda fumed at the innocent reporter, but she is indeed to blame for the soaring maize prices. She is acting as a marketing manager for those who are hoarding maize by her constant proclamation that there is hunger in Malawi.

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  1. Tinkanena  March 8, 2013 at 11:56 am

    This is the Malawi Voice reporting style I know. keep it up guys we support your publication. It is balanced and to the point. Time to mince word of advice is gone. It is up to the concerned parties to take this free advice to the heart or to the feet under the carpet. All I know is time will always tell. Bravo Myfriend!!!

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    Nice post. Thank you so much for this!

  3. Mmwamnammodzi  March 4, 2013 at 5:22 am

    I can not add or take away anything from your article. You have made my day. May the almighty bless you. Aluta Continua. Adieu.


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