Govt Owes Me Billions :A Case of Political Appointments And Political Dismissals*

ACB Director Nampota : MK70 Million Richer

ACB Director Nampota : MK70 Million Richer

The jazz that has stupefied Malawi comes with the dilema of political appointments gone bad. And or political dismissals gone zigg-zagg.

The case is, should government be afraid to fire people who were politically appointed?

If you take a queer look at the central government, you can’t deny the fact that some people have over-served and they look tired.

In other language fatigue has caught up with them. They served in Kamuzu government, then Muluzi, Bingu now Joyce Banda. To them everyday is the same.

They don’t care who next becomes Malawi President because whatever his name will be, he won’t have guts to wag a finger at them, they will remain put.

I am suspecting the notion of youth transformation is being fired up by this frustration.

PS so and so will remain there till the coming of Jesus. Commissioner so and so will remain there despite their below par performance.

Even if they steal a coin noone will touch them because if he or she does, they will go to court and claim unfair dismissal.

Doesn’t it surprise you that these people when signing their contracts, they do it in closed doors but when fired, they rush to the media?

‘Government owes me millions, billions or trillions of money for unfair dismissal, premature termination of contract, compensation for unfair treatment etc.’

Doesn’t it surprise you that when accepting their appointments, they don’t remember the word ‘lawyer’ but when fired they shunt from one law firm to another?

They even disrupt ombudsman of his sweet sleep with multiple mid night calls; ‘help me I have been fired.’

If you have never been fired raise your eyes and thank Yahweh. It is nuisance.

When recruited they don’t entertain to be asked questions even on their conditions of service, they say it is between me and my employer. But when fired they nearly paste their conditions of service and appointment letters on every website.

(1) Seeking sympathy

(2) strengthening their case. With all the paranoia, it is all over the top now.

However it’s a case of déjà vu in it’s elaborate form. It is right and proper when political appointments are escorted with political termination.

My query is what is the justification of demanding compensation?

One of my lecturers said to me one day. In life never be desperate. When you are desperate crooks take advantage.

They pretend to help while they help themselves.

They pretend to be surprised with your state of affairs while they know inwardly it suits their agendas.

They come in all colours. Some come with intimidation. You need to stand strong.

They pretend to be better than you. They pretend to be well endowed, well versed and opportune in terms of position while in veracity their situation is bleak. They are bad losers.

My lecturer said desperation leads to frustration, frustration leads to failure, failure leads to suicide!

Things happening in secret in the previous regime(s) are out in public. No matter how long it takes, no secret remains secret. It surely comes out.

It should be noted that late President Bingu wa Mutharika was not good at distributing contracts even to his own protégés. He enjoyed watching them sweltering to convince him hand them one.

This I guess was in honour of his Mr Unpredictable personality.

Astonishingly after his demise everybody claimed he had a signed and sealed contract. Folks, the figures we are playing with here are public money.

Apart from midnight six what other funny things happened immediately after Bingu’s death could not longer be hidden?

If these people were capable of setting up well organized sabotages in the identity security breakdown, a daft prison break, what could stop them from bludgeoning contracts?

If these people had powers in their respective positions to award their sons, daughters contracts while Bingu was watching, what could stop them awarding themselves job contracts, signing and counter signing while Bingu was being interred into Mpumulo wa bata (Peaceful Rest)?

While we can’t block all thieves, at least we can summon a few of those and ask questions.

No-one can accept stealing our money they all play holy boys, even when it is obvious that their biggest achievement is having successfully ripping and raping our taxes.

What I can say is that a system fires  employees at willy-nilly,  people become clever. They would want to prepare the day they may lose their jobs.

It’s about when hunters learn to shoot without missing and what do birds do.

The articles published in Malawi Newspapers bear my impeccable witness. It was reported that government detected that some insatiable people were transferring stolen money from one bank account to another.

It tells you that all people care is their personal glory than that of a nation. Similarly for a person who was appointed to serve the nation, dragging the state for unfair dismissal claiming millions or billions is selfishness.

Recently there Malawi Civil Servants went on strike. But do you know that most civil servants despite being lowly paid they reside in decent houses and some have a privilege of driving top of the range cars?

Without connecting the two topics, the familiarity is quite noticeable.

My biggest pain is where people who were stealing our money turn back claiming huge amounts for compensation, unfair dismissals. What kind of justice is that?

Even without alluding to isolated specifics, shouldn’t we say the Amayi government is being victimized?

If you scrutinize the spirit in the unfair or premature dismissal cases you will note one thing.. vengeance.

Let’s inspect a few of the people Amayi dismissed. Anti Corruption Bureau Director, Malawi TV Director General, Reserve Bank Governor, Inspector General of Police, Clerk of Parliament, Malawi Revenue Collectors’ Director General, State House Residences Director among others

Which is these was administratively appointed? None. They were all politically appointed.

Their accupying of their respective offices followed same pattern of political annointing.

Commentators have spoke roughly pertaining the dismissals.

Their uniform language is that Amayi government risks losing millions if not billions paying out, the ‘victims.’

It must be acknowledged that majority of them have challenged their dismissals in court and have been awarded millions.

Should this distract us? I don’t think I am alone in this thinking. Why should the country pay millions on people who were appointed to serve interests of their political master(s)?

Is it fair to think, every political authority would find merit in the appointed persons? We have people who have overserved in  the government whose performance leaves alot to  be desired. It is fair to expand this society?

Should government be scared to fire politically annointed people?

 Should we say the moment government makes appointment its rights are freezed? Are the contracts made without exit clauses? It is time we shine our eyes.

We know situations where hardworking people lose their jobs because they are not politically connected. Or failureswho would maintain their jobs because of tribal and or political connections.

If  you go through compensation figures.You will be  knocked flat.  The first question would be how much was she/he getting as salary or allowance(s)?

It could be possible some of these people were being overpaid? What is government supposed to do?

Now assuming these people were getting these mounds of salaries and painfully imagining that government would also stuff their overflowing accounts, is that not what we call kubetsa?( daylight theft)

To say facts …a Malawi tabetsa kwambiri (We have been daylight robbed) in the past years.

It is disheartening that former Clerk of Parliament Matilda Katopola could sue government for unfair compensation with that luckstre performance of hers.

Do you still remember what happened when she awarded herself a contract? The President Bingu wa Mutharika had to pardon her from imminent arrest and prosecution.

Today she is holier than thou and has moral ground to claim millions from us for‘unfair dismissal?’

How do we explain this to a common man? You recall her endless battles with MP’s, was that not a sign of failing

to manage her office?

What do we do with an appointee whose track shows incompetence?

I am not challenging the industrial court ruling but I am reasoning what should be happening from now.

Two weeks ago we were distracted by a cosmopolitan mansion. The way it stoops, it beats Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla house.

They say the garage beats every VVIP lounge in Malawi.

The owner of this eighth wonder of the world is another claimant. He wants government to pay him more millions to build another palace and flash it in our faces?

  Are these not same people whose phone allowances went six-figures?

Are these not same people who would hoarde every foreign trip?

Please God just come and take us!

In this submission, all I am saying let a political dismissal be  such, regardless of the colour in which it appears. Let political appointments be sorted out via political termination.

In my submission courts should begin treating these cases with indifference.

These people don’t even show us their conditions of service.

Time is teaching us that in the world, good people are unfairly treated. The bad are worshipped.

Take The Director of Anti Corruption Bureau. I don’t remember him arresting anyone.

Against this is a revelation that 40 percent of donor money is swindled. Wasn’t it justified to release him?

Today he claims Malawi must pay him millions for unfair dismissal.

Where is justice?

It is true South Africa Jacob Zuma cut shot his Mozambique trip because of Marikarna strike.

This happened after South Africa Police shot-dead almost 200 strikers. How many strikers died during Malawi sit in?

I thought the best these people could do is to go down their knees and apologise that despite trusting them with our high offices all they gave us were pieces of garbage.

I would like to advise government to challenge those cases on the ground that the appointments were political and it is justified that they were fired politically. I  rest my case!

Harry Mangulenje


Award winner of’ Life Orientation’ School Award (South Africa)

*Currently Pressing Towards First Degree in Communication Science and Science Journalism*

*Currently possessing Diplomas*

*FET is SA’s tertiary for those not privileged to higher Universities. *

*It is a programme under Department of Education.*

*Free Tuition, Self accommodation and Transport*

*Sedibeng (FET) has campuses across all major SA cities!*

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  1. kalumadazi  March 4, 2013 at 10:52 am

    Zoonadi a Mangulenje…mbuli sitopa

  2. Patrick  March 4, 2013 at 7:55 am

    Wanda Wanda, you insult Mangulenje. He is the Life President of the Royal Institute of Stupidity.

  3. Chikhamisolo cha DR. Bonya  March 4, 2013 at 7:28 am

    He is also an aspiring/shadow PP member of parliAment in one of Mangochi constituencies but he still does not hav a mere Bachelors Degree; typical of Yaos – School imawanyasa anthu amenewa. No wonder amathawira ku RSA nkukakhala a Sing’anga, aTailor, guard, garden boy & cookie.

    With your due insanity sir, how do u expect an employee not to complain after being unfairly dismissed? Don’t u think people plan their careers & project their incomes? We only talking abt the fired; now, look @ the calibre of those being appointed as replacements…complete dunderheads (without mentioning names of course).. Kungoti zinayambira kumtunda kwenikweni..!

  4. Wanda Wanda  March 4, 2013 at 6:42 am

    And to add on the CV- Mangulenje is a fellow of the Royal institute of Stupidity.


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