Of Political Liar And Crooks : Hyenas


Kalua being Welcomed

Kalua being Welcomed

Kamlepo Kaluwa once said a hyena is a hyena even if it changes its place of habitation which is a mountain. A hyena will remain a hyena and it does not matter where it is living and Kamlepo has proved to be such big hyena. Kamlepo still believes he has some political relevance in this facebook generation. If we are to go by his hyena analogy, history has it that Kamlepo has never won any election neither has he been associated with any political grouping that has ever won any election and PP can not be any exception. He claims he has all the secrets of the opposition. Sure! Kamlepo should know that the secret of the opposition are the blunders that amayi is making each passing day.


Richard Banda is commonly refered as retired but if we go by the legal blunders that his wife is committing, the man is not only retired but slumbering as well.

Last May the president  told the guardian newspaper that she had all the evidence that some ministers had conspired to grab government from her when Bingu died and that the AG was working on documents to bring the treason suspects to book but no one has been taken to task until now. She knows that if she dares touches anybody, she will pay until government becomes bankrupt.

Again, she combined  the position of AG and minister of Justice and when everybody spoke against it she thought people were just jealousy of the brilliant young lawyer Ralph Kasambara and we were all witness to whatever happened there after with those generous pay outs including paying criminals.

There was this issue of appointing Khumbo to oversee the EC and the decision was shamelessly reversed after an out cry and all this was happening under the legal eye of retired chief justice , SC.

Now we have donors  worried about her paying in advance people who will not even work and cases to be sighted are those of MRA commissioner, Manamveka, Perks Ligoya, Matabwa etc. These people were prematurely terminated from their services without any valid reasons and were made instant millionaires all under the able legal guidance of retired chief justice  ,sc.

Recently, she told us that some people went to state house to demand for money with which to buy drugs because they had heard that there was a deal of drugs that was to happen. This lady should know that this town has conmen . If these people had such information about drug shopping, why did they take the information to the president instead of working with the nearest police station. Our mother is being conned big time.

Again she has demanded that Dr Jana should dismiss those people who were selling maize at ADMARC. Come on madam. ADMARC is in the business of selling maize and farm inputs and Dr Jana has no business of dismissing anybody for doing their job and please get some proper legal direction on these matters, otherwise you will just create another set of millionaires.


The gender bill has been passed and our MP have been blackmailed to legalized abortion and murder of children. A child is a living being and its life begins at conception and our MP have been blackmailed to authorize women to kill children if they don’t want them.

Come on guys, how can you say a woman has the right to decide whether to have a child or not? The same act talks about family planning and this happens before conception where women use contraceptives or condoms just to prevent conception but when we have the same act talking about the decision of a woman whether to have a child or not, that is authorizing abortion or infanticide.  Family planning involves both the makers of a baby while this particular section empowers only the carrier of the baby to make a decision. MURDER !


The Korean were just right to honor our HE with an honor in economic. She thinks by giving a cow to each impoverished family the economy will turn around. She claims she knows village life and yet she does not behave like one. How does she expect a family that is failing to fend for its children to find time to fend for a cow. Come on , a cow takes more than four years to produce results and no sane Malawian can wait that long. The best they will do is to sell it and claim it was stolen or kill it and claim it died of an unknown disease and share the meat.

Again , our president thinks tobacco will do wonders to the economy. The EU delegation will be in town and they are not coming here for kid business. They borrowed this country money and they need to follow up on their payment now that tobacco will be sold. Our fuel consumption stands at USD40m per month and all this time we had been taking fuel on credit and we will need to pay back from the same tobacco proceeds.

It seems donors are too afraid to tell Joice Banda that things are not working because if they do so they will be saying that after all Bingu was right. They want Malawi to fall in her face and they will find some economic reasons to justify their failed economic experimenst. They are now talking about the pay outs and they will talk about the presidential trips and corruption as an exit strategy because they know that they have failed Malawi.

Now, we have all these foreign traders that want to disinvest from this instable market and they will be fighting for the same forex. How about all these Burundians, Nigerians andAsian who would want to illegally remit forex to their homes. They will all be fighting for this money and amayi should not be cheated by these economic theorist like Charles Chuka that things will be OK. Is it not the same guy who said the dollar will not reach MK400 or MK500, but what are we having now on the market. The Kwacha will continue to slide downwards and by June ,2013 , it will be trading at MK1000/USD1 and weaken further later on as people continue losing faith. This is an election period and investers always run away or disinvest or play and wait and see situation. Don’t say you were not warned by MYFRIEND.


Regional governors are known to preceed the main speaker at political rallies and they will say all sorts of things ranging from lies, inuados, injuncture, mare rhetoric and all sorts of garbage and nosense just to add humour to political rallies.

We expect the main speaker, in this case the president to stick to policy issues  and give hope to the citizens on their concerns but now we can no longer differenciate between the president and a regional governorness. She speaks like one of them even out doing them in most aspects. These days if you just listen to the president, you will think she is just another regional governess but wearing the presidential gown.


Cassim Chilumpha At PP's Indaba Where He Defeated Uladi Mussa

Cassim Chilumpha At PP’s Indaba Where He Defeated Uladi Mussa

Uladi Mussa and Ken Ng’oma claim that they have a winning formula and magic for elections. We all heard how they claimed the DPP will fall when they left but surprisingly the DPP moved on and still moves. These two attempted to run their own parties but failed and made several attempts to beg to return to DPP and only Zikhale was favoured until when the sad event happened. This time around, these winning political magicians have decided to join the PP , a party that JZU calls a kraal with cats, dogs, goats,cows and sheep, pigs. You can imagine what sort of chaos will come from such a kraal.

Uladi and Ken should just meanwhile concentrate on the PP other than worry about the DPP or UDF because the two parties are in able hands of Peter and Atupele respectively. Just eat the crumbs from PP table without involving the DPP and UDF in your useless politics.


Has anyone seen Ken Lipenga, if so report to the nearest police station. The man can not be trusted anymore having lied to the whole nation with sexed up budget figures and only last week he multiplied MK92b  by 67% and got the answer MK276b and now he has run away with the supplementary budget. Can I ask Wilfren Nawena and George Mnesa to be on very high alert because Ken might have doctored some figures. We rely on you fearless MPs to stop this treasury thuggery.


Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi

I am beginning to suspect something fishy in the way our government is handling the lake issue. While our friends in Tanzania have gone on an international diplomatic offensive , we are just sitting pwi! Distributing bags of maize. Our friends in Tanzania have even changed their school geography maps to include Lake Nyasa as part of Tanzania.

While the president is busy taking our soldiers and policemen on maize distribution road shows and state funerals. Our friends are mobilizing both personel and amoury ready for eventualities. They have already distributed new maps to their soldiers and we know soldiers defend territories of their countries and Malawi is busy making retired presidents busy when they are supposed to enjoy their retirement. These people were supposed to be engaged just as advisors not arbitrators.

You should not be day dreaming. Even in the bible or Qoran, no land has ever be gotten by word of mouth. Even the city of Jerico, when the trampents sounded , the walls came down crumbling but the battle was fought with  swords and girds. God sunctions war for human survial. Come on God fearing woman.


Those who have visited OPC since April, 2012 should testify that the office of the president and the VP have notices that say”OUT OF OFFICE TO THE FIELD, CHECK IN MAY 2014”

She has promised never to stop her road shows until when she sees to it that every hungry family is fed and that every family is given a cow  and her VP is always in tow. Khumbo wants to make sure that he is always in proximity with the president because he knows there is SIDIK MIA and CASSIM. The race for 2014 started  and it will be a gambe for Khumbo to take chances to be involved in other duties. He knows the political grouping that he belongs to is a krall of cows,sheep,cats and dogs and that if he goes his way they will come to tell amayi that Khumbo is forming parallel structures. He knows what befell of Cassin and Joice when they used to be VPs and would go their own ways. This game of politics is realy dirty , brother.

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  1. art e liquid  June 26, 2013 at 12:14 pm

    Spot on with this write-up, I seriously believe that this site needs much more attention. Iíll probably be back again to read through more, thanks for the information!

  2. Tinkanena  March 7, 2013 at 9:05 am

    Wanda Wanda, please spare the first gentleman accusations. We all know the state of health our dear brother and father is in and he deserves such respect. He needs to rest and TB Joshua also advised the same. Imagine if you had a wife like JB will you indeed have time to sleep with all that rhetoric? I fail to see any chance of our beloved brother and father at the state house advising our amayi expecting the advice will be taken on board. These two have been together for so long and neighbours always complained about the woman’s behaviour. She likes talking and insuting anyone daring to derail her plans so our dear brother and father was one of the beneficiaries of such insults. All I can say while Ian and brothers run away, the old man stood the inferno and he is still surviving it.

  3. Wanda Wanda  March 4, 2013 at 7:01 am

    On the broken Sanjika door. Indeed you have forgotten to write what this woman said about people stealing money from Sanjika and in the process breaking the door. When did government start keeping money at Sanjika instead of RBM who are the government bankers. This woman makes us laugh with her jokes and she claims she has kept the door unrepaired to present as evidence. Richard Banda. were you truly a chief justice. and with the verbal diarrhea that your wife has, do you have any chance to speak to her or suggest anything? if she is able to say all that garbade in public, I guees the fisrt gentleman should be spending sleepless nights. No wonder her step children like Ian ran away from this wolf.


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