Unilia Scom Holds Farewell Party For The Finales

Livinsstonia universityThe University of Livingstonia SCOM on the Sunday evening organized a farewell party for the level fours as they are finishing their studies this month end. During the event the level four’s SCOM Members received certificates and Bibles, as a way of bidding farewell to them.

According to the chairperson of SCOM at the institution Solomon Kuonga, they thought it wise to organize a farewell party for the finales as a part of thanking them for the support they have shown during their four years stay at the institution. In his words, the chairperson encouraged the finales that they should behave exemplary wherever they go and transform the society to the glory of God, working hand in hand with the mission statement of the UNILIA.

In her remarks, the class representative, Elizabeth Mkandawire thanked the executive committee for organizing such a wonderful and memorable event for them and the support they have received during their four years stay at the campus. In addition, she also thanked God for being with them throughout these years.  At last, she thanked the Patron of SCOM for the support and teachings they have received and promised to transform the society to the glory of God wherever they are going.

The University of Livingstonia SCOM was established in 2007, the same year the University was opened. In previous years it had few members, but now half of the students at the University attend SCOM gatherings.

Picture showing level four’s holding their certificates and Bibles.

A finale receiving a certificate from the Guest of honor.

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  1. One Ju  March 6, 2013 at 9:51 am

    so Unilia opened its doors in 2007? Ok…atleast if the interviewees were quoted as in direct speech.Mind you this is a news piece where auntheticity matters most! How do we prove that the reported speech presented in your story was indeed made by the interviewees??


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