Another Strange Baby in Malawi: Born Without Scalp, Brain Exposed

A Cameroonian Case of NTD

A Cameroonian Case of NTD

A woman in Rumphi has delivered a baby born without a scalp and an underdeveloped skull that exposes the brain, a rare birth defect that has shocked medical officers at the district’s hospital.

The woman, Martha Mkandawire aged 19 delivered her baby on Wednesday at around 2:30 pm through caesarian section.
District health officer (DHO) Dr Gift Kawaladzira said the baby, which is a fully matured 9 months, has a congenital abnormality called neurotube defect (NTD) which affects the head, brain and spinal cord.

“If the abnormality affects the head and brain it is called neurotube defect while if the affected part is the spinal cord it is called spina befida.”

The doctor said this is a rare case which happens when the neurotube fails to close during the early stages of pregnancy.
He said among others, the neurotube fails to close due to lack of micronutrients such as folic acid (vitamin b) which helps in the production of new cells.

Dr Kawaladzira said the baby has slim chances of survival as many cases of neurotube defects ends in still births or a baby dies soon after birth.

He said cases such as these could be prevented if women were eating foods fortified with folic acid or take supplements in addition to eating eating folate-rich foods during the early and later stages of pregnancy.
However the baby’s mother blamed her child’s fate on witchcraft. This was her first pregnancy.

Mkandawire comes from Chinthambwila village in the area of traditional; Authority Mtwalo in Mzimba district.

This incident comes barely two weeks when another woman in Salima, Jamira Manduwa delivered a baby with strange features, a condition that was identified as “Harlequin Ichthyosis”.
The baby was later referred to Kamuzu central hospital where she died.

5 Responses to "Another Strange Baby in Malawi: Born Without Scalp, Brain Exposed"

  1. null hypothesis  April 4, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    Boma la Amayi!

  2. Manyuchi  April 4, 2013 at 3:06 pm

    koma if JB has sold us out to the devil ndiye bola u president uteretu this it abomination ndithu aaaa why all these strange things under her rule? kenako timva first gentleman watisiya atamupereka nsembe ndithu maiwa andikayikitsa

  3. FIVE MOBA  April 4, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    So is that what she want to celebrate 1 year in office? This is doom to Joyce, all these thing happening in J. Banda care taker time, God is just showing us that there is great danger coming upon us, God bless Malawi, things are coming hader and hader every day! Where is the milk and honey? Joyce Banda has took it off with her stupid devaluation and froating, thats why these young girls are suffering, in the way looking for the bread for the day, they come up with unnecessary early preginance, mafuta sanakhwime, muyembekeza kuti angabeleke mwana wabwino? Zakudya zoperewela, no zamagulu, they cant manage to buy bcoz things are expensive, what is the end result! Kulephela kubeleka then operated, very shame. Where is Malawi going now? Can Joyce Banda say something on this plz. You the doctor said that happened due to lucky of some food guring the early stage of preginance, if you can see that means this young lady mimbayo anayitenga thawi ya mai Jumbo ya Bonya. For sure anthu akufa ndi njala chifukwa chakukwela kwazinthu they cant aford to buy a bag of 50kg Maize for K12,500, which was K3,500 b4 they took over the government from the montuary. My quastion is still the same, is that Joyce and her PP want to celebrate????????????????????????????????????

  4. Pastor  April 4, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    Why are strange babies being born within 12 months of PP rule? There is a big message from above and we need to reflect on this matter. Someone out there is committing serious atrocities and needs repentance otherwise doom will dawn on that leader so sooner than Malawians anticipate

    • daph walker  April 4, 2013 at 2:13 pm

      Inenso ndatero. Mtsogoleri akakhala okonda zoipa-free mason-amafuna nsembe zambiri


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