Standing Ovation for President Banda’s Speech at Mandela Funeral

Madame President doing what she knows Best

Madame President doing what she knows Best

Malawian president Joyce Banda was amazed by former president Nelson Mandela’s humility and leadership, she said on Sunday.

“The first time I was privileged to meet president Mandela was during his visit to Malawi… shortly after he was released from prison,” she told mourners at his state funeral in Qunu, in the Eastern Cape.

“I was amazed by his humility and his great sense of leadership… Mandela’s character has shaped my life.”

Banda said that after visiting Robben Island in 1996, she had tried to find every book she could about Mandela.

“I was further touched by his life and the story of Tata Mandela. I read and read everything.”

Banda, who is also Southern African Development Community chairwoman, said she was honoured to be able to pay tribute to Mandela.

“I join you, people of this rainbow nation, to celebrate a life of one of Africa’s greatest leaders.

“I stand before you to join you, the people of South Africa and the world to mourn the loss a great leader,” she said.

Mandela’s widow, Graca Machel stared straight ahead of her when Banda recounted a time when she visited her and Mandela at their home in Houghton, Johannesburg.

Malawian President Joyce Banda received a standing ovation when she spoke about her position as a woman president

Many women in the audience shouted “Yes, yes” when Banda spoke about her presidency.

They waved their hands in the air when she spoke about learning from Mandela’s example.

The audience cheered when Banda paid tribute to Mandela’s ex-wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and his widow Graca Machel.

The two grieving women showed little reaction to the address. Madikizela-Mandela looked down and Machel stared ahead.- ewn

6 Responses to "Standing Ovation for President Banda’s Speech at Mandela Funeral"

  1. ProudlyMalawianLover  December 19, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    Malawians you will die fools for being so negative about your leader because is female, Everybody! Don’t wonder about this silly comments here, Malawians are small minded people that is why are always backwards they keep their ayes where they seem to have nothing for their little hearts,

    They don’t believe in changes either do they believe in themselves, All this comments here it is due to politics, Which seem to make no sense at all, We have ready Malawian history a lot more than this fools and we understood every single word the leader of Republic of Malawi said about Mandela, After all she never said Malawi helped South Africa during Struggle time( which is different) why does one have to be always so rude about everything,

    And here is back at you, Most painful part is that she is your leader whether you like it or not, Malawi is a poor country she came, she found mess and she is trying to clean it if you talk about money issues every single leader that comes in power with nothing before they leave they come with something out of it, So you may be just wasting your time,

    Go work your fucking ass at something that will bring changes to your families, learn to love something in your lives for once and keep your dirty comments to your selves they never said Democracy was the reason to blame at every single thing you see sometime pretend you didn’t see it to keep the nation moving dont just social network dirty post at anything, She deserve where she is and you also deserve where your whether your a famer digging 24hours to eat you deserve that too so let the woman be and always learn to listen carefully to what people say before you say random shit,

    Be proud things are changing NGO`s are coming back to help because of her after the male Baboon you called a leader chased them away claiming that Malawi had it all when your mothers slept with a cup of porridge without sugar, What do you know anyway you fools, Do you even know how to run your own families?

    Focus at your kwacha if you want to see the change, This is most disgusting thing I have heard in 2013 from you idiots, instead of being proud that after south Africans made a joke or your national roads she came and showed them that your not bad as they think your, It is just the difference between the source of income that gives countries options to build perfect cities and roads but here your, Asking for more jokes about your country instead of defending it, what does that make you and how come you news publishers you do not spam such stupid comments made at your leader and nation? This is random shit and ma so disgusted by Malawians who think like this.

  2. napofu  December 17, 2013 at 3:20 am

    If all those people who gave her a standing ovation at that funeral were to know what a destructive force she is in the country they would kick themselves.

    I have to give her one thing, she knows how to use a situation to her advantage. Nobody tried to stop her from becoming a president !people were just clarfiying what the correct course of action was as everything had happened very quickly. She was present when a discussion was held that led to her becoming the president. This is not the behaviour of anyone who wants to stop anyone from becoming a president!

    If Mandela inspired her then it did not last long because she is still wanting to finish off the opposition and throw them all in jail! God will intervene ma’am because you are wrong! don’t treat your fellow human beings like dogs!one day you wil reap your results. Kasambara is out he will expose you and there is no running away from the truth. By the time all facts are out the truth will follow you and dont worry if you are innocent you have no worries csrry on but if you are not then get ready to feel the wrath of angry Malawians! Please do not think Malawians are as stupid as you think they are not, they are complex, you might know what is going on in their heads! you will get a shock! ask Muarma Gaddaffi, he misunderstood his people to the last minute when they kept lying to him!

  3. Ivan Mark Radhakrishnan  December 16, 2013 at 9:13 am

    The two grieving women showed little reaction to the address. Madikizela-Mandela looked down and Machel stared ahead.

    How strange people are. Even THAT STUPID, DISGUSTING and DEMENTED ACT by KENNETH KAUNDA got attention.

    Some of the ‘stuff” from so many attendees throughout the 10 days was SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION. And that – at a funeral of this stature – DOES NOT FIT IN!

    RICHARD BRANDSON (of Virgin) chose the most stupid ‘dress’ to pitch up in. He can afford to have flown in a suit from anywhere in the world.

    GO BACK TO THE TAPES. Mrs Graca Machel-Mandela WORE BLACK!

    Ex Mrs Mandela – Winnie WORE BLACK!

    But some chose to pitch-up in mixed colours so that they ‘got noticed’ on the television! SHAME ON THEM.

    Mr Nelson Mandela was dressed in a LION SKIN (as his tradition dictates). Those who have NO PROPER DRESS SENSE FOR OCCASIONS are a disgrace to themselves. Traditional dress and uniforms were a welcome sight and that is the normal thing.


  4. vuto  December 16, 2013 at 8:47 am

    professional lier. she lied again to the whole world that she foregave people she is working with. ask peter and company if they were forgiven. Goodal was working with her but she rewarded him with a law suit. is that foregiviness. as far as I know this woman foregivines s does not exixt in her dictionary. she is ruthless.

  5. Mbonga Tsukani  December 16, 2013 at 8:46 am

    President Joyce Banda let down all decent Malawians for stopping short of apologising for the part that Malawi played in aiding the apartheid govt in South Africa. Malawi never supported Mandela let alone the ANC party in their struggle against the apartheid govt but instead did the opposite.
    Did you all hear the master of ceremonies at the funeral joking about Malawi after President Joyce Banda had finished her speech?
    I would like to blame the person who wrote Banda’s speech becoz whoever that person is, does not know the history of the apartheid struggle. President Joyce Banda’s speech should have started with an apology to the deceased family and the ANC as a party for the part Malawi played in supporting the apartheid govt. Malawi did not only supported the apartheid govt with its activities within South Africa but also supported its foreign policy by delivering arms to the Renamo rebels in Mozambique through the then paramilitary wing called the MYP

    • Ivan Mark Radhakrishnan  December 16, 2013 at 10:22 am

      MOST UNFORTUNATE, Mr Nelson Mandela’s funeral and his memorial etc were USED by many to SHAMELESSLY SELF-PROMOTE.

      What is it about people who get in front of audiences and go from one ‘I’ to the next? ‘I this’, ‘I that’ and ‘by the way, Mandela was the greatest of Africans’!?! The ‘Mister’ is forgotten.

      It is sickening to hear SO MANY – including in the media – referring to ‘Mandela blah, blah, blah’ but adding ‘Mr’ to the Mugabe’s, Museveni’s and Kone’s as in ‘Mr Mugabe’, ‘Mr Museveni’ and ‘Mr Kone’.

      It is, was and ALWAYS WILL BE, ‘Mr Nelson Mandela’ or ‘Mr Mandela’!

      The WORST PERFORMANCE goes to KENNETH KAUNDA WHO IS THE MOST SHAMELESS AFRICAN EVER. If I were his family, I would offer him the option of poison or institutionalization without delay.

      We will get over what happened and THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL. You cannot take anything off the internet and television.

      IT IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE that people still USE FUNERALS and the audiences there to self-promote. And THE PEOPLE WHO DID NOT WEAR FULL BLACK or traditional dress or uniform need their heads read.

      RICHARD BRANDSON (Virgin) is a BLOODY IDIOT. He could have flown-in a BLACK SUIT from anywhere in the World. HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOLD TO SHOW RESPECT. But so often people are intimidated even when there clearly is NO REASON to feel so.


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