Halima Daudi Takes-Stock Of Development In Dowa

On Duty:Halima Daudi

On Duty:Halima Daudi

People in the area of Traditional Authority Mkukula in Dowa, are shaking their heads in disbelief with the commitment of Minister of Climate change Halima Daudi in as far as developing the constituency is concerned.

A development tour of Malawi Voice in the constituency found that Dowa South East Constituency is no longer the same.

The visits found that during the three years Daud has been in power through the bye elections, she has already drilled 30 boreholes.

I visited a number of boreholes and met Village head man Josamu at Mkaika.

“We are happy with Honourable Daud for providing this borehole. Before this project we used to drink water together with animals,”said Josamu.

Daud assist people of her constituency with different relief items such as food, clothes, soap, salt and anything which she is having.

I asked her how she is able to host a clue of more than thirty people who knocks and gather at her gate waiting for her long hand.

“I am used to that. President Joyce Banda encourages us to share whatever we have with the poor. The President can not be everywhere. So we have to assist her that is why you see me here giving these people food. They come here almost daily but on Saturday they come in large number,”said Daud.

During the meeting over 22 Senior and Village heads resolved to give Daud another five years through the tripartite polls taking place next week on May 20.

Hon. Halima Daud, MP Deputy Minister of Health in Examination RoomMaking their declaration the chiefs led by Senior Group Village Headman Manondo, said they have decided to settle for Mrs Daud because of a number of factors.

“Olemekezeka awa ali apa ndi munthu wachikondi, ndi munthu wachifundo safuna kuona munthu akugona ndi njala ndipo satopa, amathandiza nkhalamba ndipo saona chipani cha munthu,” said Manonondo meaning that Mrs Daudi is merciful and she helps regardless of party colours.

SGVH Manondo cited development efforts which has Daudi has initiated in the Constituency.

Among other developments, the chiefs cited construction of classroom blocks within few years that Daudi has been in power.

The chiefs paid a courtesy call as one way of swaying their subjects to vote for the woman candidate which to them has proved to be of paramount importance.

Addressing the chiefs, Mrs Daudi said she was humbled to have a blessing of chiefs.

Mrs Daudi said the chiefs are custodians of culture therefore they are very influencial in the society.

“We are just many of us competing here but these chiefs have recognized my contribution, I do not take this for granted,”Said Daud.

Mrs Daudi promised to work extra harder so that she should change lives of ordinary Malawians in the constituency.

“When voted my first thing to do is to finish the secondary school which I am initiating at Mbalame Primary School, the same chiefs have already provided land and I have already laid the foundation”Said the former lawmarker.

Recently the lawmaker was in the media being praised for the upgrading of a new hospital at Lumbadzi Trading Centre which has since been opened by President Joyce Banda.
It is currently not clear if the endorsement will indeed sway much needed votes on May 20 this year having in mind that Dowa is branded as Malawi Congress Party stronghold.
But her development activities which she has initiated while in office will clearly sway voters to vote for her next week.

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  1. Change Goal  May 14, 2014 at 5:16 am

    Sister Halima,who taught you to share with the poor,JB or Allah?Or it because you are using stilen money?If so,then you are right.

  2. nzika  May 13, 2014 at 5:55 am

    munthu uyu ku Dowa sikwao wake up dowa


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