Exploring What Makes DPP Government A Solution

Exploring What Makes DPP Government  A Solution

Paul Collier, a renowned world economist, in his book ‘Bottom Billion` explores the reasons why the poorest countries in the world are falling apart and possible injections that can be done to avert the problems. After thorough research, it was concluded that poorest countries (Malawi inclusive), are caught in a cobweb of ‘traps`. Not only […]

Decent Affordable Housing Subsidy Scheme – A Worthy and Bold Decision by the DPP Government

There has been a lot of interest in the design of the Decent and Affordable Housing (Cement and Malata) Subsidy Programme, since Honorable Goodall Gondwe first announced during the launch of the DPP manifesto in April 2014, and many questions have been raised in so many quarters of our society. I remember in his own […]

Good Road Networks Key to Socio-Economic Development: DPP Led Government on the Right Track

The socio-economic development and subsequent economic growth of any nation is strongly linked to its transport infrastructure. Lack of adequate transport systems is one of the major factors hampering development in Malawi and the entire African continent. This problem is most felt in the rural areas. It is good to highlight that the DPP led […]

When Loyalty Is A Crime, A Case Of A Presidential Aide

When Loyalty Is A Crime, A Case Of A Presidential Aide

There have been stories, accusations, gossip, debate you name it concerning the Presidential Aides. The accusations which are made especially on the social network and some online publications range from Presidential aides calling the shots, forming a ring fence around the Presidency, blocking others from contributing, among others. This article intends to discuss the substance […]

Public Service Reforms, A Step Towards Public Sector Accountability

The echoes of promises bouncing back from Malawi’s maiden tripartite elections campaign are now getting louder as the second among top three manifesto promises made by President Arthur Peter Mutharika and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was recently set rolling. It is always pleasing to see promises being fulfilled, albeit much more to see […]

Mindset Versus Public Reforms

Mindset Versus Public Reforms

The much awaited Public Service Reforms Agenda was launched by President Peter Mutharika on February 11 2015 at the Bingu International Conference Centre in Lilongwe and what remains now is its implementation. But as Vice-President Saulos Chilima, who chaired the Public Service Reforms Commission, alluded to, there have been 79 attempts to reform the public […]

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